Teensy turns right into a small handheld pc, performs emulators

Science fiction predicted that at some point we might all be carrying small, high-powered computer systems. Whereas smartphones are nice, these predictions are based mostly extra on sweeter methods that come nearer to current computer systems with keyboards and screens. [Jean-Marc Harvengt] has constructed one thing the identical wayand is known as T-COMPUTER.

This compilation is centered across the mighty Teensy 4.1. Which means it has an 800 MHz Cortex-M7 processor, 1 MB of RAM and eight MB of flash reminiscence – eclipsing the specs of many retro PCs of the previous. [Jean-MarcHarvengt] has paired the Teensy with a 42-key keyboard and TFT display screen, making a compact laptop computer platform. It additionally has a VGA output for displaying on a bigger display screen, together with a USB and port for an old-school Atari joystick! Energy is offered by way of a small rechargeable lithium cell on the again, and 16-bit stereo audio is offered by way of an ordinary 3.5mm jack. There’s additionally a small GPIO if you could connect with one thing.

It’s able to emulating the Commodore 64 and Tremendous Nintendo, in addition to extra obscure methods such because the Atari Lynx. And earlier than you ask – sure it will probably work DEATH. It’s a enjoyable little rig that will be good for retro gaming and hacking on the go. If you wish to create your personal, the information are available on Github to recreate the system.

Handheld builds are all the time gaining popularity now that a lot computing energy could be packed into small kind components for builders. In the event you’ve constructed your personal neat little rig, make sure you tell us! Video after the break.

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[Thanks to Alex for the tip!]