Ask Hackaday: Stripping cables with lasers

Most of us strip insulation from wires utilizing some type of steel blade or blades. You will get loads of instruments that do that, however it’s also possible to get by with skillful use of a pair of knives, a razor blade, or—as a final resort—a steak knife. Nevertheless, trendy meeting strains have another choice: laser stripping. Now that many individuals have cheap laser cutters, we surprise if anybody is utilizing laser strippers from the excess market or the DIY selection?

We’re at all times stunned that thermal strippers are so uncommon as a result of they’re decidedly low-tech. Two scorching blades and a spring make up their coronary heart. After all, they’re normally costly new, however you possibly can normally decide them up used for a music. The laser expertise doesn’t appear too troublesome, though utilizing the blue lasers that most individuals use in knives will not be optimum for the aim. This business productfor instance, it makes use of infrared, however in case you have CO2 laser, that is perhaps a chance.

The method discovered software in massive scale manufacturing that was shut. After all, in the event you don’t care about potential mechanical harm, you will get automated stripping gear with a giant motor for a number of hundred {dollars}.

We discovered an outdated video about utilizing CO2 ribbon cable stripping laser however nothing recently. After all, breaking the insulation creates fumes, however so does lasering the whole lot, so we don’t assume that’s stopping individuals from taking that strategy.

Ask Hackaday: Stripping Wires with Lasers

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